Consulting Services

Individuals and Families

We know our clients are unique, so our service is personalised upon their specific needs.

Our independent and trusted service allows our clients to save time to dedicate to themselves.

We monitor all aspects of our clients’ wealth, acting as a point of reference and ensuring complete transparency and effectiveness of the choices made.

Services offered:

 Customised accounting and reporting

  Generational handover

  Asset managers selection and due diligence

  Real estate management

Institutional Investors

Services for asset managers by asset managers.

Our team members have gained a long and diversified experience in the asset management industry; therefore, they can understand the challenges that asset managers face, efficiently supporting their business development activities. In particular, we can access an extensive network of international professionals, offering the following services:

  Strategic consulting for business growth

  Target market analysis

 Products structuring

 Distribution channels analysis and selection

 Lead generation