Higher growth, attractive valuations, improved policy making,
favourable demographics and better political stability
make Frontier Markets an interesting asset class.
In recent years investors have shown an increased
interest in Frontier Markets, which offer compelling
yield, return, and diversification benefits
compared to more developed markets.
Economies driven by local factors and a low levels of correlation
with more developed countries, make Frontier Markets an
optimal way to divesify a global invested portfolio.


We are an independent financial boutique which focuses on equity investments in Frontier Markets and is fully owned by the managing partners. The firm was established in 2012 with the mission to provide access to early stage financial markets for institutional investors.


Our innovative approach is based on capital flows forecasting. The objective of our model is to take advantage of the structural inefficiencies of financial markets during their first development stage.


The term “Frontier Markets” is commonly used to describe the group of smaller and less accessible, but still “investible”, financial markets of the developing world. Such countries are at an earlier stage of economic and financial development compared to traditional Emerging ones and are characterised by dynamic and fast growing economies.

While Frontier Markets have much in common with Emerging Markets (although these have long been raised and capitalised on) there are significant differences when it comes to their political environments, natural resource base, economic structures and cycles.


The investment team has worked together since 2007 advising institutional investors in Emerging and Frontier Markets, with investment strategies based on investment flows forecasting. The managing partners have over 30 years of collective investment experience and are motivated by a dynamic and innovative entrepreneurial mindset.

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